Education and IT Management Consulting

Education Operations


We have experience in the following areas of Education Operations:

  • Academy Conversions and Multi-Academy Trust creation and operation
  • International school/college leadership and management
  • Apprenticeship programme management

Academy conversion and Multi-Academy Trust Consulting and Management

Case study: Diocese of Portsmouth


  • Advised schools in the diocese scheduled to convert to academy status and conducted due diligence to ensure they were ready to convert.
  • Liaised with legal, accounts, unions, local authorities, DfE and Regional Schools' Commissioners, MAT boards and executives to manage conversion and change.
  • Performed role of Operations/Finance Director for PODCAST Education Services, a not-for-profit company established by the Diocese to provide educational and financial oversight of the 53 academies in 4 MATs.
  • Responsible for finance, business planning and operations for this £90m organisation.
  • Performed contract negotiation, evaluation and selection and extensive Partner Relationship Management.
  • Assisted in the expansion of 4 Multi-Academy Trust Boards and the selection of each board's Non-Executive Directors.

Apprenticeship Programme Management

Case Study: Pearson in Practice Technology Ltd

  • Responsible for managing 11 IT apprenticeship training centres across the Midlands.
  • Provided leadership and motivation to a team of 75 staff to exceed 90% achievement targets repeatedly for cohorts of over 650 apprentices spread across 11 locations.
  • Established a commercial training business within the organisation to augment its government funded apprenticeship programmes.
  • Extensive personnel recruitment and management, including appraisals, performance management and handling grievances and disciplinaries.
  • Influential in establishing Associate Trainer programme to nurture new talent into technical trainers and provided a structured career path for the training team.
  • Managed Partnerships with Microsoft, CompTIA and The Learning & Performance Institute.

International School/College Leadership and Management

Case study: Abacus College and Oxford Language Centre

  • Responsible for the overall direction and management of Abacus College and Oxford Language Centre, its subsidiary English as a Foreign Language school, reporting to the college's owner.
  • We took on a loss making tutorial college that had recently failed its Ofsted inspection and managed to break even for the two financial years we were in charge.
  • Provided leadership and motivation to the team of around 40 staff and tutors to pass Ofsted and UKVI inspections within months of appointment.
  • Implemented student progress monitoring and motivation processes which significantly improved A-level and University Foundation Programme results improving the university options and destinations for the students.
  • Managed partner relationships with education agents and embassies for student recruitment, admissions and academic progress feedback.
  • Managed partner relationships with universities to assist student progression and for University Foundation Programme approval.
  • Extensive HR management of new and existing tutors and support staff.